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Marketed under the brand name 'Glenarm Organic Salmon' our salmon are renowned for their outstanding quality derived from the clean, clear and fast flowing coastal waters of the Irish Sea and are increasingly the first choice for many top UK & International chefs.

Our seawater farms are located in the very exposed and energetic coastal waters of the North Channel in the Irish Sea where currents and tidal flows ensure optimal exercise and firm muscle formation in the salmon. The salmon also have plenty of space to grow and thrive with maximum stocking densities of 10kg per cubic meter providing the salmon population with a living environment that reduces stress and promotes healthy growth and freedom to thrive.

Such is the quality of the environment in which our farms are located and the isolation from any other producer, no antibiotics or medicines to treat disease or parasites endemic to wild salmon are used. This is just one of the things that make our salmon unique.

Husbandry practices focus on the health and welfare of our stock and ensuring a clean environment is maintained. Every activity undertaken on the farm also ensures the fish’s ability to behave as naturally as possible is not compromised.

Whilst we farm our salmon to the very highest standards we are continually assessing the health and quality of our stock. Our aim is to produce salmon that match if not exceed the quality of wild Atlantic salmon but with more consistency in texture, shape, size & flavour.

Farm to Plate

Glenarm Organic Salmon Ltd is able to harvest, process and dispatch all within 24 hours. This means we are able to ship products across the world in just three to four days, ensuring a fresher product and longer shelf-life for the retailer and consumer.

The Salmon of Knowledge

The Salmon of Knowledge (bradán feasa) is a creature figuring in the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology.

The Salmon figures prominently in The Boyhood Deeds of Fionn, which recounts the early adventures of Fionn mac Cumhaill. According to the story, it was an ordinary salmon that ate the nine hazel nuts that fell into the Well of Wisdom (aka Tobar Segais) from nine hazel trees that surrounded the well. In doing so, the salmon gained all the knowledge in the world. Moreover, the first person to eat of its flesh would, in turn, gain this knowledge. To read the full legend press on the link opposite...

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